About me

Hey there! My name is Chris and this is my personal blog. I’m a self-taught dude who likes videogames. I enjoy programming (games), illustrating (characters), modeling (characters and stuff), animating (them), making music (for my stories), writing stories (for it all).

As an emotion-driven person, I enjoy exploring, discovering, learning and experiencing. I’m open to all sorts of ideas about everything and well. I also enjoy expressing myself in different ways. I find the mysteries of life fascinating.

I like fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, dragons, mountains, hiking, nature, the sea, the distant stars, the roaring universe, the silence of the world, the gentle breeze of autumn, the nostalgic colors of the sunset, the breathing mountain’s summit, the reverbing presence of a past; the landscape of life, and the purity of a place where time cares not to pass, where dreams are true and become home to let us feel and to let it last.




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