The Space Explorers: Part II

I had an adventure-ish dream the other day. It was exciting but ended on a sad note. I enjoyed the topic and plot so I’m gonna go ahead and build from there; try to continue with the story, adding more details and less randomness but keeping the simplicity.

Although it’s still gonna be narrated in first person, it’s no longer going to be about me. I’m creating a fictional character for the lead role instead. 

You can read Part 1 first if you wish to know what’s going on: It’s a bit of a spoiler, though. Don’t if you like the mystery.

The Space Explorers: Part 2

So many lights; so bright. It hurts.

What is it that they want from me? What is it that they want to know? Isn’t it enough for them knowing that — all this time — we’ve been living in a hollow dream? That every single effort we’ve put into getting rid of those… things… had been nothing but mere cries of hopeless desperation. It’s clear for me, now: we could never win. We all knew there were more of them out there, but that was just… a bizarre amount.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve stood behind this podium, and it’s still the same scrap wood from ten years ago. Here I am again, though; alone. It’s been around two minutes of me trying to tie up my thoughts and say something clever. Everyone’s so quiet and expectant; they really want me to say something, don’t they? They should’ve left me to die out there. Heck, I can barely keep myself standing. My legs — they won’t stop shaking. I can’t stop them. No one can’t stop them. I can’t save them. Where? Where are they? I could not stop them.


Someone called my name. I knew that voice, but—

“It’s okay, Altas,” said the voice right next to me as he grabbed a hold of the virgin microphone standing in front of my face.

Now I remember: that’s the director. When did he appear next to me all of a sudden? What’s he doing?

“People,” he said to the audience.

Agh, so loud.

“I think it is better if we postpone today’s audience”—he paused for a few seconds, probably looking at me.—”This was not a good idea.”

No, not at all. I was not looking at them; I couldn’t, but I could hear some murmuring complaints. They wanted to know, but what was there to say? That four gigantic mutant monsters that came out of absolutely nowhere thrashed those who I swore to protect my life entire life?

“Back to work!” shouted the director, so loud it even hurt. Knowing them all, they were still standing there like nosy idiots.

I couldn’t go back to my dorm. I couldn’t wrap my head around. I couldn’t handle the emotions; the feelings. When did I become such a weakling? I can’t wrap my head around all this crap.

“Go rest,” the director told me, and I did.

I went out for a walk, heading for the station. Everybody was looking at me, I knew it, but the ground was much more appealing to my eyes.

It’s been about a week since I woke up here at the Institute. My superiors told me that NASA had been the good guys this time. Nobody in the Institute really dared to come pick us up after getting our distress call, but NASA did, for some odd reason. We’re all in this together, after all. Their elite team of astronauts found me aimlessly floating away unconscious with little oxygen left. I didn’t wake up until a couple of days after the incident. Now that I’m here —alive— I don’t know what to do. Both agencies offered me help of all sorts, but I need some days alone before… before going back. Am I going back, anyway? Earth needs us. The colonies need us, but there is no more us.

I’ve kept myself from going to places that would trigger memories of them. I’m weak. I never told them that. I always seemed like the cold-hearted one, and now here I am: a pitiful sack of tears whining like a little boy. Regardless, I don’t dare to leave this place. I don’t dare quit my job. I owe everyone. I don’t have anywhere else to go, anyway. This colony is everything I have left.

Suddenly, I found myself sitting inside my favorite coffee shop at the station. The waiter here has always been nice to me. It’s a mystery how she’s always managed to offer a smile to everyone, no matter whether the entire cluster was crumbling apart or not.

I frowned, failing to distract myself.

Those creatures. It’s been over a year since they showed up out of nowhere, looking for something. We’ve never encountered anything like them. Like a virus, they keep multiplying, spreading, and taking over whole planets and entire systems, but we don’t even know what they actually do or want. Where is the so-called wormhole, anyway? As far as my knowledge goes, no one has come across such thing; and the simple idea is too far-fetched. They are all lies, fallacies. No one knows a thing, and we’re fighting blindfolded.

“I am very sorry for your loss, commander.”

I looked up and there she was, a timid smile teamed-up with a pair of sad eyes. She was serving my order. I completely ignored the fact that it was not the nicest thing to say while serving; she had always been tactless like this with me and with everyone else. Actually, it was the first time I saw her showing such amounts of sadness.

No matter how many times I heard those words, I would never know how to respond. I did know, though, that I was starving.

I grabbed my favorite sandwich from the plate and went for one big bite, but I stopped. Damn it. They were with me last time. I had ordered this same ordinary ham and cheese sandwich and then proceeded to spill my coffee all over the table, but all they could do was yawning over it. They laughed. They used to say the waiter and me had something for each other.

Used to…

I was about to go for my second bite attempt, but my intercom beeped. I had been completely unaware of the fact that I still had it on. I actually needed some distraction, so I went ahead and pressed that damn, little button in my ear’s extension, and a creepy voice talked to me:

“I own information that you might find valuable.”

I didn’t know who that was; I couldn’t recognize the voice. I requested for an identity, but I was ignored.

“Come to the 1701 in about an hour,” said the creepy voice before ending the call.

The 1701. That was my old dorm back in the Academy. What in the world? Why would anyone want to meet up in a place like that at this moment? This couldn’t be good, but I had absolutely nothing to lose that I cared for, anyway. Also, I still needed some distraction.

It would take me about an hour to get there by foot, so I grabbed my coffee and my sandwich and gulped it all down on my way there. It was the early evening, and the weather was cold as fuck. People still looked at me, probably wondering what had happened back in the Vetha 2 system. I saw some familiar faces, but I ignored them all. They still wanted to know.

The Academy was pretty close to the place we all called The Institute; it was built for it, after all. It was kind of relieving being there after such a long a time. I used to do conferences all the time at the Academy, but it now feels like ages ago; and to think that I too was a student living within this humongous place. It was like a multi-story labyrinth with twists and turns every few meters. I could still remember how to get to every single classroom, every hall and resource center. I remember where each of my many friends used to stay at here in the Academy, some of them used to hate their dorms. My roommate and I used to love ours; it had just the right space and no noisy neighbors around us. Of course, that was until it got torn down.

There had been a small incident that kind of destroyed the entire room. It wasn’t my fault, though; I knew it and I still know it. No one used to wander near the dorm ever since. Ah, the peace.

After a long walk through corridors, elevator rides, and dodging people that wished to speak to me, I made it to the room. It was empty and as wrecked as I could remember, but the cozy atmosphere was still there; the walls, too. Actually, the scratched wall in the back remained the same; with big letters, it read: “The Space Explorers”. The five of us got in big trouble for damaging the infrastructure like that. Ah, the good times. But besides the outer light painting the cracked wall past the doorway, the room was consumed in darkness.

So you came.

The creepy voice was now live. I turned multiple times, but it was obvious that there wasn’t anyone inside the room besides me. That couldn’t be! But I knew it was possible. Nothing was impossible at this point. We had seen many things but, where was it coming from?

“What do you want from me?” I asked away to the emptiness.

There was silence. For a moment, I thought the voice was gone, but then it came back carrying words that I couldn’t believe:

You can still save them.

End of Part 2


So, that’s it for this first part. If you made it this far, let me know if you enjoyed it and would like me to continue. It would be nice to begin doing this as a hobby. I’m still working on improving my English, so I apologize if you find any mistake or weird wording (I also don’t mind being corrected). 

I don’t wish to extend the story so much, though. I’d make it around 4 or 5 parts. It’d be fun to write different short stories. Also, I’ll try to keep under 1000 words next time.



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