Dream Sequence: The Space Explorers

Today I woke up from a very big cliffhanger-like ending, feeling a bit broken inside.
I had failed them.

*Dream sequence*

I returned from a dreamy dimension where I had attended to some sort of Space Explorers Academy/Institute. The dream began with me arriving at this place quite excited but jittery as never before. I was totally lost and scared, I couldn’t even find the room I had been assigned to (The place was huge!). I was bullied a few times during my search, but after a few hours(?), I finally found my room and met the one who appeared to be my roommate. He seemed like a nice guy, but oh man, he wouldn’t shut it.

There wasn’t much narrative regarding the follow-up years (Around ten, maybe?). It seemed I had grown up to become one of the best “space explorers” of the entire Institute along with my four best friends: my roommate, a man who had been my bully in the early years, a brave woman we became friends with along the way, and another great young fighter we all sought to protect: the daughter of a deceased explorer.

We were a team of five space explorers. We were inseparable, had fought many missions together, and made it to help and protect many lives. I became the leader of the crew, and everyone seemed to feel fine with the Institute’s decision. The feeling of closeness was ridiculously strong. One could feel how all those “years” had become the foundation of our very present. The nostalgia for the early years in the Academy was also overwhelming. It was real, and we would never stop searching and fighting. We were a family.

However, the day came when we came across an evil who knew no boundaries. Big, gel-like monsters from beyond began invading the galaxy. They seemed to be creeping out from a bizarre space wormhole.

We, all of the space explorers, fought the monsters in different occasions throughout the year, but our numbers rapidly decreased and the enemy was somehow getting bigger and stronger. The Earth lost hope; our human legacy was falling. Although tired and scarred, the 5 of us still stood together, alive. We helped and fought whenever we could.

All of a sudden, there was this idea, suggested by the Institute, of building a massive cannon that would kill all of the monsters and close the wormhole. It was almost ready, but it needed a special power core: some sort of powerful stone hidden within a far and barren planet. We were sent there to retrieve it.

They expected us. As we arrived, we were ambushed by four massive and evolved monsters from beyond, something we had never seen before; something we couldn’t believe that was real. We had found the stone, but there wasn’t time to escape. Their power and brutality was a nightmare. I was equipped with nuclear missiles that could certainly help fend them off, but my team was too close. Hope was dying, strength was running out. It was during a moment of doubt when my worst fear became true. My roommate friend couldn’t properly reflect an attack. He flinched and fell back while the monster kept clawing him down. I shouted and cried in despair as I ran to help him, but I was too late. The viscous monster was already eating his lifeless body. My mind revolved in sorrow and despair, but I had to keep fighting. My three other friends were still struggling to fight against the massive demons. “We have to get out of here!” I shouted to them in sorrow, but it was too late. I couldn’t save my bully friend from the creature’s claws while he cried out for help; I couldn’t stop the attack of another monster that slipped through the heart of our brave, female friend. I couldn’t even save her corpse. “It was an honor, my friend” muttered the young one, the one we sought to protect, as a massive claw slit through her stomach.

No. That was not happening. That could not be happening at all. It’s not real. It can’t be real! How is it that I was still alive? Why were we condemned to that horrible fate? I wanted to cry and give up, but I still wanted to help them, somehow. All those years of growth, all that happiness, all of those wonderful experiences and discoveries. The laughter. The love. Gone. Forever.

No. I couldn’t die there. I was still alive, somehow. I couldn’t give up, they wouldn’t have wanted that. I had an opening while the four monsters pushed each other, and I made it to fly away and escape the planet, firing all of my missiles at them as I did. It was so blinding bright. The nuclear explosions sent me flying away to the emptiness of space. I saw the bright lights with wet eyes as I spun out of control into the darkness. The stone was gone. The mission had been a failure. I had lost my lifetime friends. I was dead inside. We lost. It was over.

I fell unconscious.

*End of dream sequence*   

I woke up from the dream feeling a painful grief, feeling I couldn’t keep a promise, that I had failed my friends and everyone in general. At the same time, though, the fluidity of the dream had amazed me, as random and trivial some parts might have been.

I really don’t care why my brain decided to experiment with that context, but this is not over yet. I’m not gonna let that be the end of the story. I’m gonna day-dream my way out of my dream’s terrible fate to find a solution for this predicament.

Expect the 2nd part of this story to come soon.


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